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What should I book?

Cancellations made within 24 hours of your appointment will be charged 50%!

Please remember- if you have anything on your nails other than plain lacquer, you MUST book a nail removal!

1 Hour Nails

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Simple Art

• Dots
• Stripes
• French Tips
• Glitter
• Decals
• Stickers
• Foil
• An Accent Nail with a Charm

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Custom Art

• Intricate Geometric Designs
• Patterns
• Ombre
• Hand Painted Design and Lettering
• Up to 6 Charms

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Elaborate Art

• Custom Designs + Portraits
• Encapsulations
• Up to 12 Charms

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Four Hour

• 3D art
• Dangling Art
• Over the top! Nothing is off limits!

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What Should I Book?

Check out our PDF Guide.

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