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Welcome home.

We're a mermaid-owned, anarcho-socialist feminist pastel LGBTQIA+ rainbow cult, but we are also a nail art & skin care salon that legit loves you. If you're here to shop, use the above menu or just scroll around!

If you're here to learn more about our salon check it out here:

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Polka Dot press ons!

our first foray into the instant mani space!

Welcome to Modular

A unique layout with a striking design

new polish colors!

opalescence galore.

cute totes!

oversized yet precious.

cute stickers!

so many. really.

Cute Metal tank top

we've gone black metal for spring

subscription boxes!

Our Self Care Subscription Box is a $40 monthly themed box consisting of an 8 oz whipped sugar scrub, a bottle of our scented & glittery sanitizer, a scented & glittery cuticle oil, a bottle of our hyper-pigmented nail polish, and a sticker sheet! You save money buying the set, and we cover all the costs of shipping!

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gift boxes!

Each of our subscription boxes is available as a one-off gift box!

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cuticle oils!

Small batch, ethically made, locally sourced cuticle oils for your pretty fingers. Scented & glittery! As seen in Allure!

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hand sanitizers!

Our hand sanitizers are 62.5% alcohol, and are full of glitter, fun scents, and moisturizers. Why sanitize when you can improve?


gift certificates!

Need to get a special something for that certain someone you want to impress by demonstrating an interest in their personal wish fulfillment while respecting the fact that they have particular taste? Well have we got the gift certificate for you!

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visit us!

We’re open and practicing safe COVID-19 guidelines. We’d love to see you! Check out our salon site!

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