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Best Nail Art in Austin, Texas

At Cute Nail Studio, we believe that people can express themselves through their nails, and we’re proud to offer a welcoming space for the LGBTQIA+ community. If you’re looking to get nail art in Austin by some of the most talented people in Texas, we’re excited to meet you!

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Discover the Best Nail Art in Austin, Texas

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of nail polish and new nail art to make a person feel confident. Whether you seek a simple design or detailed custom artwork, we have the tools and experience to serve you. 

Are you ready to give your nails some love? Visit us today!

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Show Off Your Style By Visiting a Nail Art Salon in Austin, TX

We’re not like the average nail salon you’ll find in a strip mall. Our friendly team treats each of our customers’ nails like a new canvas. From designing geometric patterns to polka dots, below are the nail art services we offer.

Soak Off/Removal

Before we design the nails of your dreams, we first need to make sure we’re working with a clean slate. So, if you currently have gel polish, shellac, or acrylic on your nails, we ask that you book a soak off/removal service with us before getting to the fun part of nail art.

Gel & Lacquer Manicures

From a gel polish mani with simple art that lasts 1.5 hours to a six-hour gel and custom art session that can include rhinestones and character art, we offer a wide range of gel and lacquer manicures for various budgets.

Gel Extensions

Gel extensions are an excellent option if you want something more forgiving than acrylic, requires less maintenance, and is easier to remove. Whether you’re itching for a classic French tip nail design or want something more unique like a tortoiseshell or galaxy pattern, our team can custom design your gel extensions.

Acrylic Extensions

Applying and removing acrylic frequently can be damaging to nails, which is why we offer manicure services to fill in the acrylic polish already on your nails to help with preservation. Once we’ve tidied up your nails, we’ll proceed to perform nail art according to the package you choose. The nail art we can offer you includes nail charms, encapsulated glitter, and lettering, among many others.


Overlays involve applying acrylic to your natural nails without adding length. We’ll turn your natural nails into a beautiful shape and tidy up your cuticles before applying Japanese gel polish. Then, pick the kind of nail art you’d like—from foil to negative space and portraits, our nail artists can perform practically any request.


Nail art isn’t just for hands. Enjoy soaking your feet in our special Cute bath bombs. After we trim, shape, and paint your nails, we’ll move on to designing your toenail artwork. We can perform the simple artwork of your choosing, including stripes, dots, chrome, and geometric patterns.

Nail Art Packages Austin

If you’re itching to get nail art done for an upcoming party, conference, or simply because you want to show yourself some love, below are the packages we offer.

Best for

Soak Off/Removal

Creating a clean slate if you already have nail polish so your nails are ready for nail art.

Starting at $45
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Structured Gel or Lacquer Manicures

Standard nail trimming, shaping, and coat of Cute nail polish or Japanese gel. Choose from simple or custom nail art designs.

Starting at $60
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Gel Extensions

People wanting a low-maintenance, long-lasting nail polish. Choose from simple or custom nail art designs.

Starting at $105
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Acrylic Extensions

Filling in nails that already have acrylic nail polish. Choose from simple or custom nail art designs.

Starting at $85
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People who would like to keep their nails without any extensions and want Japanese gel polish. Choose from simple or custom nail art designs.

Starting at $85
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Those who are seeking a traditional pedicure plus toenail art design. Only simple toenail art is available.

Starting at $60
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Nail Art Deals & Discounts in Austin

We offer a 25% discount to service industry workers on Sundays and Mondays. Our definition of service workers ranges from nurses to strippers. If you think your work falls into the service category, book your appointment as you normally would and let us know when you check out. There’s no need to bring pay stubs or any proof of your service industry employment—we trust you! 

If you’re not a service worker, we still have a discount for you. By signing up for our Cute Cult Newsletter, you’ll automatically receive a 10% discount on your first order. Make sure we don’t land in your spam folder; you can expect other sales and discounts during the year.

Nail Art Deals & Discounts
Nail Art Deals & Discounts
Nail Art Deals & Discounts

Valid for the month of February. Max 1 per customer.

The Proof is in the Nails: Nail Salon Testimonials

We think our nail designs are the best of Austin, TX, but don’t just take our word for it. Below are some of the many testimonials we’ve received from our customers.

Are you ready to make a nail art appointment? Book with us today!

Visit Cute Nail Studio in Austin, Texas

At Cute Nail Studio, we’re Austin’s go-to nail art salon as we offer personalized visits for our customers. Our online system makes it easy for you to book an appointment. Of course, we’re just a phone call away if you’d like to chat.

Cute Nail Studio

Address: 1211 E 7th St. Austin, TX 78702
Phone: 512-937-2659
Driving Directions: We’re located right on East 7th Street in Austin, just a few blocks from I-35.

– Monday & Wednesday – Saturday: 10:00am – 10:00pm
– Tuesday: 4:00pm – 10:00pm
– Sunday: 11:00am – 8:00pm


Do you still have lingering questions about nail art? We’ve rounded up some of the most common inquiries our clients have.

Brown nail polish shades are popular in 2021 in both matte and glitter varieties. Even Oprah Daily weighed in on the brown nail polish wave of 2021 trends for nail colors. We’re finding that people love the white tip style but with brown colors. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, bold pink nail polish is trending. If hot pinks are a little too much for your taste, perhaps a light blue nail polish is more your style. And if that’s still too much, you’ll be happy to know that natural colors are also trending in 2021.

Nail trends for 2021 include almond-shaped nails, organically shaped nail art, velvet nails (a combination of glitter and metallic polish), and indie nails. Indie nails, you ask? You’ve likely seen this 2021 nail trend around—it involves designing each nail differently. For example, one nail might have swirls, another dots, and others various checkered designs.

Graphic nail art is another 2021 trend. The bold graphic designs often encompass the indie nail style since each nail typically has its own pattern, but this trend is recognizable for its contrasting colors and sharp geometric patterns.

How do you wear nail art?

Nail art is like an accessory that you carry around with you for weeks. When choosing the nail art to wear, it’s important to consider if you want the design for a specific event, a fashion statement, or general nail art to express your personality. 

Wearing nail art with rings and bracelets is an excellent option since it helps draw people’s attention to your nails. You can choose from simple, more elegant designs to detailed portraits and nail bling.

Which nail polish is used for nail art?

While you can technically use any kind of nail polish for nail art, we prefer Japanese gels. Japanese gels are ideal for nail art because they contain cosmetic grade pigments. That means that with only one coat of paint, your nail art design will have bold colors without showing any of the nail polish beneath it.

Japanese gel is also a long-lasting type of nail polish, as it lasts around one month. Therefore, you’ll likely be ready for your next manicure long before your Japanese gel nail art begins chipping.

How can I do nail art at home without tools?

Whether you’re looking for nail art in Austin, TX, or live on the east coast, our nail polish collection offers you the chance to bring Cute into your home. By using our high-quality nail polish, you can practice becoming a nail art designer without any special tools.

That said, having some kind of tool is useful when making nail art. We recommend looking around your house for a bobby pin or toothpick to help with your designs.