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Tooth Gems

Adorn your grill with some bling from our variety of tooth gems.

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Tooth Gem Application + Gem

Application of a single tooth gem. We have a variety of Swarovski crystals, hearts, stars, tiny diamonds and more!

15 minutes $68

Tooth Gem Application for Gold Charm

For expert application of Gold Charm. Choose from both gold and white gold, in shapes including crosses, crowns, bolts and even dolphins! Each gold charm is priced separately.

15 mins $72

Tooth Gem Application + 2-3 Gems

This tooth gem application includes the cost of the application +2-3 Gems. Same tooth, multiple teeth, doesn't matter. Your choice of bling.

30 minutes $88

Tooth Gem Application +4-6 gems

The application includes 4-6 Swarovski crystal tooth gems. We can create gemstone Butterflies, cherries and more.

45 minutes $118

Tooth Gem Application + 6-10 charms

The application includes 7-10 Swarovski crystal tooth gems. Disco Ball tooth? No problem!

up to one hour $140