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Best Body Waxing in Austin, Texas

Cute Nail Studio is the place to go if you’re looking for a unique experience. From our rainbow-themed exterior to our neon LED bathroom, you’ll discover a fun and upbeat atmosphere unlike any other.

We’re one of the top spots for body waxing in Austin, Texas. Here’s why.

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Discover Our Waxing Salon Austin, TX

We offer a wide range of services so that you can find the waxing Austin Texas solution that works for you.

Here are some of the things we offer.

Full Body Waxing

Full body waxing is our more comprehensive package. These sessions can last up to three hours, and we’ll remove hair anywhere you don’t want it.

Eyebrow Waxing and Brow Shaping

Tired of unruly eyebrows? Book an eyebrow waxing session and we’ll get rid of extra hair and shape your brows.

Facial Waxing

We offer different facial waxing options to eliminate the hair that grows on your brow, lips, ears, or nose.

Back Waxing

This popular package is perfect for getting rid of back hair since it’s difficult to apply wax yourself in areas you can’t see or reach.

Sugar Waxing

Does traditional waxing leave your skin red and irritated? Sugar waxing is a gentler alternative. Choose this option and our technicians will use a special sugar mixture to remove hair without irritating sensitive skin.

Barely There Waxing

We offer Brazilian and Bikini waxing for all genders. We can remove all hair, create a well-defined bikini line, or wax hair in a custom shape.

Ingrown Hair Aftercare

We offer ingrown hair aftercare as an add-on. Waxing can cause ingrown hair to appear, which can be painful and uncomfortable. Prevent ingrown hair with this add-on that includes an exfoliating acid scrub and hot towel.

Body Hair Dying

Get rid of the hair you don’t want with waxing and make the hair you keep more fun with body hair dying. Book this add-on and we’ll dye your brow, underarm, pubic hair, and more in the color of your choice.

Body Wax Packages Austin

We offer different body waxing Austin TX options. Here are some of the packages we offer at our Austin waxing salon.

*All times and prices are estimates. Actual price will be shown upon booking.*

Best for

Full body

Save money with a comprehensive package that covers hair removal in any area you need it.

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Best for those who don’t like abdominal hair or who want to wear crop tops.

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Waxing your back by yourself is hard because it’s hard to reach.

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Back – Half

Save money if you don’t need your entire back waxed with this package.

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Get rid of unwanted hair between your shoulder blades and deltoids. Ideal addition to the back package.

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Best for those who want a smooth chest, for instance, to showcase tattoos.

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Our 15-minute underarm waxing sessions are a great alternative to shaving with more durable results.

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Arm – Half

Waxing from the elbow to the wrist or elbow to shoulder. Perfect if you like short sleeves or want to show off your tattoos.

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Arm – Full

Want to save on arm waxing? Book the full package to show off your tattoo sleeve.

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Get ready for the nice weather with a leg waxing package. Perfect if you like to wear shorts or skirts.

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Get smooth skin down there or opt for leaving a shape. It’s up to you!

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Bikini Line

This less invasive waxing package is ideal if you don't want any visible hair when wearing a bikini.

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Bits & Pieces

Book our bits & pieces package if you want to wax any area that you don’t see listed.

$13 and up
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Body Wax Deals & Discounts in Austin

You can save on our body wax Austin TX services. Not only are we one of the best waxing places in Austin, but we also understand that the cost of maintaining smooth skin can add up over time.

We currently offer deals on Austin waxing for service industry workers. If this is you, visit us on Sundays or Mondays to get 25% off body waxing and other services.

Sign up for our newsletter or connect with us on Instagram to keep up with future deals and discounts! You’ll get a 10% off coupon for your first order from our online store if you join our newsletter.

Buy 1 Waxing, Get 1 Free!
$5 OFF Any Waxing Service
Free Add-On to Any Service

Valid for the month of February. Max 1 per customer.

What Do People Say About Our Body Wax Salon?

We’re one of the best waxing salons Austin TX, because we care about our customers. We offer a safe space where you can be yourself and we deliver outstanding customer service.

Plus, our technicians are incredibly skilled. They have access to plenty of training opportunities and are passionate about what they do.

Here’s what customers say about us.

Visit Cute Nail Studio in Austin, Texas

Our location is easy to find! Feel free to drop by to check out our store or ask a question (or snap a pic in front of our awesome building!)

If you’re interested in body waxing, please book an appointment online before visiting us. Select the service(s) you want, pick a day and time that works for you, and you’re all set.

Cute Nail Studio

Address: 1211 E 7th St. Austin, TX 78702
Phone: 512-937-2659

Directions: You can find us at the corner of East 7th Street and Attayac Street. Coming from Bastrop Highway or Ed Bluestein Boulevard, turn west on East 7th Street after crossing the Colorado River.

If you’re coming from the Purple Heart Trail, take exit 234C and head north before turning right on East 7th Street.


It’s normal to have some questions if you’ve never visited a waxing salon Austin. We hope the following FAQ will give you a better idea of what to expect.

Is It Better to Shave or Wax?

It’s up to you! We’re big fans of waxing because it makes your skin a lot smoother and promotes thinner hair if you wax regularly.

However, shaving has some benefits. It’s convenient if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to prevent hair from growing back. Shaving is something you can do on a daily basis without having to set some time aside for it.

The main problem with shaving is that it only removes hair from the surface. You can end up with irritated skin, razor bumps, ingrown hair, and even cuts.

Waxing is more time-consuming, but the results last longer. Besides, it helps exfoliate your skin and eliminates dead skin cells.

Is Waxing Good for Pubic Hair?

Yes. Waxing makes more sense for areas with sensitive skin.

Shaving pubic hair often results in irritation and other issues. It’s difficult to get smooth results, and the constant maintenance means your skin never truly gets a chance to heal if it gets irritated.

We use waxing or sugar waxing for sensitive skin. We can apply a peel-off soothing mask to lessen the discomfort. You’ll go home with smooth skin, and the results will last at least a couple of weeks.

Which Wax Is Best for the Body?

We recommend choosing a quality product. Quality ingredients will yield better results and prevent irritation.

We use high-quality wax and sugar waxing products. These products trap hair, remove it, and leave your skin smooth and fresh.

What Are the Benefits of Waxing?

Waxing is one of the most efficient hair removal techniques. It leaves your skin incredibly smooth, gets rid of dead skin cells, and slows down hair regrowth.

Our customers swear by waxing for a reason. Unlike shaving, waxing removes the entire hair follicle. Your skin feels smoother, and it takes longer for hair to grow back. If you wax regularly, you’ll notice that your body hair keeps getting thinner and takes longer to regrow.

Waxing does more than remove hair. Wax traps dead skin cells and exfoliates your skin. This process helps eliminate the layer of dead skin cells and accelerate the surfacing of new skin cells. You can get healthier and younger-looking skin if you wax regularly.

Can I Wax my Legs Myself?

Yes! You can wax your legs or any other body part at home with a waxing kit.

However, we recommend coming in. A professional will remove hair safely and with minimal pain and discomfort. You’ll also get access to add-ons to make the experience more pleasant, like a peel-off soothing mask. If you need waxing in an area that is hard to see and reach, we definitely recommend coming in.