• We're owned by mermaids!

No, really, we’re owned by mermaids. Check out our sister company, Sirenalia! Get a mermaid tail (or top!) or travel to paradise. Or both!

• Service industry specials!

Service industry gets 25% off everything on Sunday and Monday, and our definition of "service industry" includes waitstaff, bartenders, strippers, pedicabs, retail, nurses, and sex workers. And more. It's pretty broad.

• We're open 'til 10pm most nights!

Sometimes you just want to get your nails done & your pussy waxed and it’s late. We get that. Us, too. Let's do something about it.

• Your tech is an artist!

We don’t offer spa massages. We house nail artists and want them to have as much time as possible to create. 

• Austin, born & raised!

The owners & designers (and a lot of the staff!) are all born & raised Austinites. Ask us about ATX in the 90’s! Did you know South Congress used to be hella sketchy? That there were warehouses in the warehouse district?

• The airflow in our building is insane, and cost a ton of money, so breathe deep!

Partly we wanted a badass, state-of-the-art air filtration system, partly the new city ordinances demand that new salons have to basically be NASA airlocks. Either way, your lungs are hooked up.

• We have the most incredible bathroom in the city!

Our bathroom is a nightmare disco mirrorball of LED and neon, which is great when you need to get away from the overwhelmingly chill vibes of the rest of the building.

• We believe in ethical salon employment!

Our employees are well-paid, have tons of snacks, get continuing education from amazing people, and are never required to sign a noncompete contract. The implication here is that you might not find that at a lot of other salons, and that maybe you should think about that when you pop into a low-cost salon. Maybe. 

• We have hella parking!

Like, really we have a parking lot, not a garage or ample street parking. Feel free to ride your bike, tho, please!

• We’re a new business, not a new building!

We’re proud to be in an OG ATX house from the 1920s instead of tucked away into the first floor of a condo. It’s even owned by the guy who grew up in it! Stay local, baby. 

• We are BYOB but have Circle Brew and sparkling wine at the ready!

We also have Waterloo sparkling water, a water purifier, and can just pour you straight champagne. Also ibuprofen, just ask.

• We try our very best, every day, to be a safe space!

We want to to be yourself without fear or social discomfort and we believe that every single one of you is a star. We do ask that you are patient with us when we fail, and give us a chance to apologize and do better. 

• We offer a press-on service!

We think we made up salon press-on services, but who can tell. We’re claiming it until proven otherwise.

• We offer residencies to out of town artists!

Feel free to suggest your favorite and we’ll do our best to get them here!

Our favorite colors are, in no particular order, paisley, rainbow, and glitter!

We really appreciate that you've read this far!

We hope to see you soon!

Thank you!

We love you!